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Long ago, dentists simply eliminated tooth decay and helped people retain their teeth. Our dental capabilities have advanced so significantly that your dentist is now able to completely restructure your smile. Contemporary dentists are well versed in both cosmetic dental and general dental procedures. At Dynamic Dental, our Sacramento cosmetic dentists offer cosmetic procedures ranging from the simple to the significant. Browse our detailed procedures to determine if cosmetic dentistry could resolve a dental issue you are frustrated with.

Brite Smile Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening may seem unnecessary or superficial, but superficial changes lead to emotional and personal changes. Brightening your smile makes you naturally excited to show that smile off, creating a happier, more outgoing new you.

Just as we lead our daily lives and slowly age, so do our teeth. Daily coffee, wine, smoking, and dark foods stain and wear out our smiles. Even with excellent oral hygiene, enamel becomes lackluster. A few simple sessions of teeth whitening remove that age, and can even whiten them past your natural tooth color. Whitening is a common procedure that most dental patients pursue at some point in their lives.

At Dynamic Dental, our team uses the BriteSmile whitening system to whiten teeth in-office in just one hour. BriteSmile involves a painless 15% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel applied to teeth, then activated with a low intensity light while you relax in the dental chair. Your dentist will cycle through 20-minute whitening process three times to beautifully whiten teeth within an hour. Should you choose to whiten at home, we will take an impression of your teeth to create a custom whitening tray. This tray is reusable and can be used with whitening gel to boost your smile at home, on your own schedule. Though home whitening systems are lower-intensity, you will be able to maintain the whitening you received in-office for years. Consistent home whitening will also whiten teeth in 4-8 shades.

Considering teeth whitening? Choose Dynamic Dental for our superb whitening products and excellent patient care. Your smile will soon be stunning!

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Our teeth aren’t the only components that make our smiles beautiful. A smile incorporates your lips, the skin around your mouth, and your gums to produce an overall effect. If you’re not happy with the way your gum line meets your teeth, you’ve likely spent time hiding your smile. Everyone should possess a smile they are proud to share. If you cover a gummy smile, uneven gum line or elongated teeth, ask us about a cosmetic periodontal procedure.

A variety of periodontal cosmetic procedures are available at Dynamic Dental. They are affordable, effective, and accessible to anyone hoping to reconstruct their smile. Cosmetic periodontal surgery sculpts the gum line to balance the proportion of exposed tooth to gum. This applies to patients in either direction on the gum-to-tooth spectrum. A cosmetic procedure can remove excess gum to correct a gummy smile, exposing more tooth surface. Our dentists are also able to reverse gum recession by grafting soft tissue to the gum line. These tissue grafts have a dual function – they also reduce gum pockets prone to future infection to halt further recession and disease. No matter the periodontal issue, we can balance your gum line.

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