Dental Implants

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A dental implant is a remarkable technology that replaces a missing tooth root. These root replacements are typically combined with crowns, a bridge or a denture to replace entire missing teeth. Dental implants allow for these teeth replacements to be independent and not rely on (and potentially damage) neighboring teeth. Neighboring teeth need not be prepared in any way for a dental implant to succeed.

Top Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Provide stable, natural-feeling anchors for restorations
  • Can be paired with single crowns, a bridge or a denture to replace any number of missing teeth
  • Accompanying restorations look and feel like natural teeth
  • No slipping, clicking, difficulties speaking or eating, or other common denture problems
  • Help protect against jaw bone loss and changes to facial structure
  • Long-term solution for missing teeth – can last for decades to come

How Tooth Implants Work

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A dental implant is a titanium screw placed in the jawbone. After placement, your Sacramento dentist allows the area to heal over a course of 3-6 months. During this period, the jawbone fuses around the implant, engaging in osseointegration. This fusion of bone and implant means that the implant will become securely, naturally rooted in your jaw. Once healed, you will return to your dentist to take an impression for a crown. When the crown arrives and is bonded to your implant, you will be the proud owner of a brand new, permanent tooth.

Why Our Patients Love Our Sacramento Practice

  • We see patients of all ages and can accommodate your entire family
  • We provide a wide range of care under one roof so that you can receive preventive exams, restorative and cosmetic treatments without needing to visit another office
  • We offer a variety of sedation options for patients hoping to alleviate dental anxiety and have the most comfortable experience possible for their implant procedure
  • In-house savings plan available for patients without dental insurance so that you can receive affordable care
  • Neighborhood specials (20% off + more) available for parishioners/families from Our Lady of Guadalupe church, and Holy Trinity Church and school – ask what’s available at your next appointment!

Dental Implants FAQ

3d dental implant graphicHow many appointments are necessary to receive implants?

Your experience may vary depending on your oral health and personal needs. Dr. Montalvo or Dr. Andrade will lay out the details of your treatment plan before beginning the implant process, so that you’re aware of every step of the procedure. In most cases, you will have several appointments – a consultation to evaluate your health and determine your treatment plan, implant surgery, and placement of your permanent restoration once your implants have healed. There may also be subsequent followup appointments to ensure your implants’ success.

Is implant surgery painful?

No, surgery is not painful. The treatment area will be fully numbed so that you do not experience discomfort when your implant is placed. We also offer sedation options for patients with dental anxiety or who are concerned about the procedure. Our goal is to make your treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

How long is the recovery period?

After your implant is placed, you will need to undergo a healing period during which the implant integrates with your jaw bone (osseointegration). This allows the implant to act as a stable foundation for your crown, bridge or denture. This period typically takes several months. Once osseointegration is complete, your final restoration can be put in place.

How much do dental implants cost?

It is rare for dental insurance to cover implants, although some medical insurance plans may offer some coverage. Implant costs can vary significantly depending on the number you are receiving and the complexity of your treatment plan. We do everything possible to make implants affordable for our patients, including patient financing and payment plans. We will provide information about all associated costs upfront so that you can plan financially for your implants.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

We do everything possible to help interested patients prepare for implants. If you have been missing teeth for some time, you may benefit from a bone graft to augment the area and create adequate bone tissue for an implant. If you have periodontal disease or other oral health concerns, we will treat these to return your mouth to health. Many individuals are implant candidates, and if you aren’t certain whether they’re right for you, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

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