Permanent Dentures

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If you have removable dentures, you also have a list of denture problems. They slip, they can be difficult to chew with, they cause discomfort, they require frequent adjustments; removable dentures are far from perfect. But if the alternative is single implants paired with restorations, the associated costs and procedure may understandably be more than you’re able to take on. There’s now an ideal middle ground: the Zest Locator fixed overdenture. With this proprietary technology, you’re able to pair just 4 dental implants with a full arch, permanent denture.

Move past those frustrating denture problems and into your new life with stable, permanent new teeth. Smile again, chew comfortably, and enjoy the boost in self esteem and mental health that follows.

Schedule your $99 overdenture consultation to receive a Free Dental Implant CT Scan ($350 value). We also offer a range of sedation options to keep you comfortable and anxiety-free during treatment.

How do Locator Overdentures work?

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  • A Locator Overdenture pairs with a few implants to securely attach to your jaw.
  • One overdenture restores a full upper or lower arch of your teeth
  • The Zest Locators are specifically engineered to have a higher bond strength to provide unparalleled security and stability. This means your overdenture won’t slip or shift, even while you’re chewing.
  • This level of stability allows you to live life just as you did with natural teeth – smile, eat your favorite foods, and relish the comfort of having permanent teeth again.
  • There’s less time necessary in the dental chair, less bone reduction necessary, and also a lower cost than other full mouth implant solutions. Because the system is more affordable and accessible, that means it’s appropriate for a wider range of patients.

What are the major advantages of fixed overdentures?

  • Permanent – You don’t have to worry about losing your denture or applying denture adhesive. Your overdenture is securely attached to your jaw and can only be removed by your dentist. You’ll have permanent teeth back in place, without the need for adhesive or constant adjustment.
  • Able to chew comfortably – Many patients with missing teeth experience poor nutrition because they aren’t able to chew fruits and vegetables easily. A fixed overdenture improves both your quality of life and your overall health.
  • Mental health – Having permanent teeth again plays a significant role in boosting your self esteem and confidence. You’re comfortable openly smiling and laughing again, and feel like your old self. You’ll experience a positive daily impact to your life.
  • Affordable – The procedure carries a lower cost than standard implants and restorations. You’ll be able to spend less time in the dental chair while accessing a permanent tooth replacement procedure at an affordable price point.

Overdenture Patient Testimonials

Overdentures FAQ

Who is an ideal candidate for treatment?

  • Patients unhappy with current removable dentures
  • Patients in need of new dentures
  • Patients missing teeth
  • Patients tired of ongoing restorative procedures
  • Patients that want a teeth in a day procedure
  • Patients hoping for a more affordable alternative to traditional implants

Are the dentures permanent?

The overdenture is fixed permanently in place. It can only be removed by your dentist during upkeep appointments. You will need to schedule routine maintenance appointments for your dentist to reline the overdenture and ensure the connection is remaining stable, but these will be affordable and infrequent.

Will I be able to chew and eat normally?

Yes, you will be able to enjoy a normal diet without the need to exclude raw produce or other difficult-to-chew foods. This is one of the biggest benefits of transitioning from removable to fixed dentures.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment cost varies from patient to patient depending on their case. The best way to get an idea of your treatment cost is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Andrade or Dr. Montalvo. This will give you the opportunity to get answers to all your questions and learn whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

How is the Locator Overdenture different from other implant-supported dentures?

Other teeth in a day and full mouth implant procedures don’t have the same proprietary technology available with the Zest Locator. This technology ensures that your implants will remain securely connected to your overdenture – and does so with more affordable materials and a simpler process, which allows for a lower treatment cost.

If you’ve ever considered a fixed denture, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this procedure. Many patients find that the affordability and accessibility of the Locator Overdenture make it an ideal tooth restoration option.