Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Sacramento

Restorative dentistry brings cosmetic and general dentistry together to rebuild your smile. If you have:

  • Missing teeth – single, several, or all
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Significant tooth decay
  • Eroded tooth surfaces or enamel
  • …Restorative dentistry will recreate your smile and return you to your regular activities. You need not feel frustration or shame from your teeth. Your Sacramento restorative dentist will employ modern restorative dental techniques to create new teeth that look no different from natural tooth crowns. In addition to aesthetic concerns, there exist countless health reasons for replacing teeth. Missing teeth lead to bone loss and jaw deterioration resulting in structural changes. Missing teeth also impede comfortable eating and proper speaking. Restoring those areas of your smile will be constructive to both your confidence and your wellbeing.

    Composite Fillings

    You probably remember a time when metal fillings were the only option. Though strong, metal fillings can detract from the look of your smile – most people prefer not to flash silver or gold when they smile and laugh. Composite fillings do the job of metal fillings while blending seamlessly into the rest of your smile. Composite material can be made in any shade, and your Sacramento dentist will carefully match your fillings to your natural tooth color. Cavities will be repaired with none the wiser.

    Dental Bonding

    Dental bonding is a subtle, simple method that changes the look of your smile by adding composite resin to teeth. Dental bonding is a simple way to cover irreversibly stained or discolored enamel. It’s not purely cosmetic: dental bonding can also correct chipped teeth, fill gaps between teeth, and round out teeth after cavities have been removed. Your Dynamic dentist will apply resin to the affected tooth, mold it appropriately, and bond it to the tooth with gel adhesive and an ultraviolet hardening light. Your dentist will expertly polish and shape the bonded area to lend it a natural look. Affordable dental bonding typically lasts at least ten years and is the aesthetically ideal way to reconstruct your smile.

    Dental Bonding Aftercare

    Your teeth may be sensitive after anesthesia wears off; avoid discomfort by abstaining from hot/cold beverages for several days. A week after treatment, your teeth will feel painless and natural.

    Dental Crowns at Dynamic Dental

    Much of restorative dentistry is borne of aging teeth. As we grow older, our teeth weaken and become brittle, suffering tooth decay, tooth cracks, and enamel stains. We don’t need to fall prey to the aging process – the Dynamic Dental dentists are able to use dental crowns to rejuvenate your smile.

    Why crowns? Won’t dental bonding do the trick?

    Dental bonding simply adds material to an area of tooth. Crowns encompass the entire problem tooth to structurally strengthen. A severely decayed or very weak tooth may need to be supported by a crown. There are different crowns for different aesthetic and functional needs. For incisors, porcelain crowns are the recommended solution, as they appear to be and feel just like natural teeth. For back teeth, porcelain fused to metal or metal crowns will provide greater strength for chewing and biting.

    What will my crown procedure be like?

    Receiving a dental crown takes 2-3 appointments. Your dentist will begin by preparing your teeth so that they fit inside the crowns. This requires anesthetic and enamel reduction. Your Sacramento dentist will take a mold of your prepared teeth and send that mold to a dental lab, were your new crowns will be fabricated. Don’t worry: your dentist will fit you with temporary crowns for the 2-3 weeks until your permanent crowns arrive. Once received, your dentist will cement the crowns over your teeth and ensure a perfect fit and bite. You’ll be thrilled to smile in the mirror and see the reflection of your rejuvenated smile.

    Durable dental crowns last ten to fifteen years; even longer with excellent care. You may treat them as regular teeth and enjoy your beautifully restored smile.

    Dental Crown Aftercare

    If you receive a temporary crown, do not treat it as a regular tooth – it is not durable. Brush and floss gently, and take care not to catch the sides of the tooth. Avoid very sticky, chewy candies and food.
    After crown placement, treat any sensitivity or irritation with a warm saltwater rinse (1 tsp salt per 8 oz water) and over the counter painkillers. The structure may feel awkward at first, but you will adjust within a week. Let your Sacramento dentist know if your bite is off or you experience discomfort.

    Inlays & Onlays Sacramento

    Often described as partial crowns, inlays/onlays use existing tooth as a foundation and repair a damaged area. This strengthens the tooth, restores tooth shape and halts further tooth damage. If there is a damaged tooth portion but the majority of the tooth is stable, an inlay or onlay can be bonded directly to that tooth with little tooth preparation. The difference between inlays/onlays and fillings is that partial crowns are solid structures made in dental labs, whereas fillings are sculpted and hardened by your Sacramento CA dentist during your appointment. The inlay/onlay procedure is similar to a dental crown procedure, with less tooth preparation and thus greater patient comfort.

    Dental Bridges

    Dental bridges replace missing teeth neighboring healthy teeth. The existing neighbor teeth support crowns attached to the restoration to create a bridge across the gap. Dental bridges can be constructed from gold, metal, alloys or porcelain and are very durable. The supporting teeth (abutments) are reshaped so that they will fit beneath the bridge’s crowns. A dental lab will create these crowns and the attached “pontic,” the new tooth spanning the space. In the meantime, as with dental crowns, your Sacramento dentist will fit you with a temporary bridge.

    Once placed, your bridge will likely require an adjustment period, but you will soon feel as if the bridge is a natural tooth. As the bridge is bonded to your existing teeth, it sits securely in your mouth and will become a comfortable, attractive part of your smile.


    Like bridges, dentures also replace entire missing teeth, but they are conveniently removable. Dentures are wonderful for those missing a number of teeth and who do not have the adequate jawbone necessary for dental implants. Depending on the patient’s needs, full dentures and partial dentures are each a possibility. The detailed types of dentures are:

    • Conventional full dentures – All teeth are removed and gums are given adequate time to heal before denture placement. This process could take several months, during which the patient will be toothless.
    • Immediate full dentures – Prior to tooth removal, the dentist fits dentures for your mouth and has them fabricated. This way, dentures can be placed at the time of tooth extraction. Though this removes a toothless healing period, the dentures will need to be adjusted once your jaw has healed and shifted.
    • Partial dentures – Teeth remain in the mouth but a number are missing. Think of partial dentures as similar to bridges (they relay on the support of existing teeth), but removable.

    Dentures come with an adjustment period: it takes time to grow accustomed to the new material in your mouth. Though you may initially struggle to speak, eat, and manipulate your tongue while wearing dentures, your mouth and muscles will become trained to work with the dentures comfortably. They will continue to feel more and more like natural teeth, and should be cared for as such. Dentures must receive the same oral hygiene you provide for natural teeth: they spend time in your mouth, so they face the same perils. If you treat your dentures with care, they will last a significant amount of time. If you are uncomfortable with an aspect of your dentures or feel they are loose, stop by Dynamic Dental and have your dentist check them out.

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