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Worried about a dental emergency? In the middle of one right this moment? Our team at Dynamic Dental is here to help. With our convenient Sacramento location, just off the Lincoln Highway, we make it simple for patients in the surrounding communities to reach us. And it’s not just our location that smooths the dental emergency process: our answering service (as well as our Spanish-speaking staff) will ensure that you receive the care you need.

We do everything possible to provide same day appointments for patients experiencing an emergency. Give us a call at (916) 368-2500 to receive prompt care.

Same Day Emergency Appointments

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When you’re experiencing an emergency, you don’t want to spend any more time in discomfort or without a full, functional smile. With our 3-dentist team, we are typically able to accommodate same-day emergency appointments. This allows you to take care of your toothache, broken filling or other concern right away, and get back to life as usual.

Does my tooth pain merit an emergency appointment?

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Pain is always a sign that something is wrong – it’s just tough to pin down exactly what that something is. Because of this uncertainty, it’s so important that you schedule an exam when you feel that something is off in your mouth. Early detection and treatment is always the best path, and will help conserve natural tooth structure.

Plus, when you’re dealing with oral pain, you’re constantly distracted and thoroughly uncomfortable. It becomes impossible to get through the day without feeling irritable, and while getting everything you need done. Seeking emergency dental care will help you feel like yourself again.

Common Toothache Causes

Remember: if you have experienced physical trauma to the teeth or jaw, you should call 911 and visit the emergency room immediately.

Other causes of tooth pain that we can help resolve are detailed below:

  1. Sensitive teeth – As your teeth age, the enamel can become worn and the gums can recede. This reveals the sensitive areas of the tooth roots, which are triggered by external stimuli. Sensitivity can become extreme and demand treatment.
  2. Bruxism – Long-term grinding of your teeth is bad for your oral health and your jaws. Particularly rough periods can lead to lingering pain.
  3. Cavity – The sooner you get your cavity filled, the less severe it will become.
  4. Infected tooth / abscess – If a cavity progresses to the interior of the tooth, it can cause an infection or abscess. The pain will be severe, and you should get in touch right away.
  5. Jaw disorder¬†– If your jaw isn’t functioning properly, you may experience pain around the jaw joints and your teeth.
  6. Wisdom teeth – When wisdom teeth are erupting, you will experience discomfort and pressure in the areas around your molars.

Planning for a Future Dental Emergency

With every bad situation, it’s best to be prepared. If you know how to proceed once you’re struck with a dental emergency, then you’re far more likely to remain calm and comfortable when disaster rears its ugly head.

How Can I Prevent a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies happen to everyone – and they do seem to show up at the least opportune moments. That has to do with the kinds of activities patients are often engaging in when a tooth ends up chipping, or a filling breaking. Avoid the following to help prevent an emergency:

  • Using teeth as tools – If you’re using your teeth to open bottles, crack nuts, or rip apart packages, then you’re probably going to encounter some chips or cracks. Try to use your teeth for eating only, and refrain from exposing them to unnatural forces or pressure.
  • Broken dental work – Fillings, veneers, and crowns age, and they eventually reach a point where they need to be replaced. This can lead to them breaking or cracking, and even falling out. One way to prevent this is to keep up with your regular dental exams, so that Drs. Montalvo and Andrade have a chance to spot weakened work.
  • Physical trauma – Teeth are often compromised during physical activity or athletics. Be sure to wear a mouth guard to keep yours safe.

Curious about the right course of action for your emergency? Just get in touch to get answers to your questions and receive prompt treatment. If you need urgent attention, please give us a call at (916) 368-2500 so that we may assist you right away.