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Sacramento family dentistry

Dr. Andrade and Dr. Montalvo are thrilled to welcome your entire family into our practice. Taking care of patients of every age helps to create a strong dental community. By treating every member of your family, we at Dynamic Dental hope to foster a trusting dentist-patient bond for you and your loved ones.

You should visit your dentist for an exam every six months. Only twice-annual appointments will allow your dentist to spot decay before it worsens and keep dental problems at bay. At your exams, we will carefully inspect your teeth, discuss your oral hygiene, clean and polish your teeth, and ensure your overall periodontal health.

No Dental Insurance? Discover Our Dynamic Care Plan

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Looking for an affordable way to receive your dental care without dental insurance? Ask our team about the Dynamic Care Plan. This is a cost-effective way for you to receive both preventive care and necessary dental treatments. The plan is $249/year and covers 2 exams, 2 sets of x-rays, 2 regular cleanings and 20% off dental treatment at our office. Reach out today to learn more!

Why Patients Choose Our Practice

  • We see patients of all ages and can accommodate your entire family
  • We provide a wide range of care under one roof so that you can receive preventive exams, restorative and cosmetic treatments without needing to visit another office
  • We offer a variety of sedation options for patients hoping to alleviate dental anxiety and have the most comfortable experience possible
  • In-house savings plan available for patients without dental insurance so that you can receive affordable care
  • Neighborhood specials (20% off + more) available for parishioners/families from Our Lady of Guadalupe church, and Holy Trinity Church and school – ask what’s available at your next appointment!

*Individual experiences may vary. No specific treatment results guaranteed.

What to Expect From Your Next Dental Exam

Teeth Cleaning

Though a dental cleaning feels routine, it is key in removing plaque from your teeth and helping your dentist determine your level of dental health. During your cleaning, your hygienist will scale your teeth with the aid of a dental scaler (pick) to eliminate decay-causing plaque and calculus. More advanced cases of calculus-covered teeth may require a periodontal cleaning or further scaling and root planing.

Oral Hygiene Discussion

We’re sure this isn’t the first time a dentist has asked that you brush and floss. It’s our dental mantra! But the intention behind it is not to be taken lightly: only brushing and flossing, daily preventive steps you take at home, will keep your teeth healthy. Your family dentist only sees you twice a year, and most sets of teeth need more attention than twice yearly. At your exam, your dental team will discuss your oral hygiene. We will provide you with products, steps, and advice so that you can establish an excellent oral care routine. Consistent, effective oral hygiene will keep your teeth both solid and beautiful. Take advantage of this opportunity to run your oral care by a professional – you may find in yourself a fresh motivation to pursue healthy teeth.

Should you be experiencing issues with your gums, we also provide periodontal cleanings and treatment. Your gums and teeth are interconnected in more ways than the literal – if your gums are diseased, your teeth are likely to follow. Let us know if you have been experiencing sore or swollen gums.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are still emerging in the dental community, but they carry with them so many advances and eases of use. As a digital x-ray exists as a digital file, your dentist is able to immediately manipulate and share that x-ray after taking it. Within an imaging program, your dentist is able to closely examine teeth and surrounding structures. Your dentist can quickly send that x-ray to you or a referred dental specialist. Digital x-rays also require much less radiation to take than a standard x-ray: nearly 80%! Thanks to digital x-rays being a new technology, they were designed with low radiation as a goal. Digital x-rays are the patient-friendliest way to x-ray your teeth and jaws.

Oral Cancer Screening

With the aid of convenient new technology, oral cancer screenings have become routine in dental exams. Consistent screening helps your dentist identify potential diseased tissue at a very early point, before malignant cells have a chance to spread. This keeps problems from becoming untreatable or irreversible.

Dynamic Dental’s oral cancer screening is completed via an ultraviolet light that identifies harmful tissues before they can be detected by the human eye. If you engage in a lifestyle that puts you at greater risk for oral cancer (like smoking or heavy drinking), notify your dentist so that you receive regular oral cancer screenings.

Intraoral Camera

The mouth is a tricky place, filled with angles and structures that make areas inaccessible to your dentist’s eyes (even with the aid of a dental mirror!) The intraoral camera makes the entire mouth visible, and also displays images on a monitor to aid observation of problem areas. Patients are able to see exactly what their dentist sees, gaining greater understanding. Digital images from the intraoral camera also aid procedure approval / claim acceptance from insurance companies.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our providers are skilled pediatric dentists, comfortable with the additional needs of young patients. For our child patients, Dynamic Dental recommends dental sealants. These thin coats of a protective liquid fill fissures and coat problem areas to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are applied to molars, as they are primarily involved in chewing and also more difficult to clean, and should be administered around the time molars first erupt (5-7 years old). The second molars generally come in between 11-14, and should also be sealed. The sealing process simply involves an adhesive that is applied to teeth, which the sealant liquid then hardens onto. This prevents your teeth from being exposed to bacteria, plaque, or food particles for about ten years. Sealant reapplication is always possible.

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*Patient experiences may vary. No specific treatment results guaranteed.